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RE: Good dog turned bad??

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Originally Posted by abowers10 View Post
Thanks so much for everyones input. The only reason why we put his nose in it and spank him when he does it is because that has been what everyone around me has done and it has worked fine. But I am no longer going to do this. I will take him out very frequently and praise praise praise him when he goes outside. We goofed when we first got him because it was a harsh winter and he was so tiny so we started him on pee pads then tried to train him to go outside. I even put a bell on the door so he could ring it when he wanted outside which worked for a few months and then he stopped. But I am not going to give up on the little guy because i have no kids so he is like my little baby! I am going to do some research on retraining dachshunds to help me out.
I'm right there with ya with the stupid pee pee pads! My little girl is going to be 6 now and those stupid pee pee pads to start out with ruined our lives!!!! haha...they didn't but seriously I would never recommend them again!

Ok now my advice....No nose rubbing and No spanking....I understand where you got that from it's an old wives tale, I used to think that too....but my Uncle the dog trainer straightened me out! And the biting...his crate is his safe place, and you threatened him there, he was defending himself....I would blow it off...unless of course he took up biting as his new favorite thing, but I'm sure that's not the case. Ok and on to the most before me have have to revert back to the potty training all over again thing...just keep taking him out...make a big huge deal about his poops or pees and what a good boy he is, lots of praise and love. When he does have accidents when you catch him in the act stop him with a stern NO, GO OUTSIDE, and take him out immediately...when he pottys lots of praise, etc....from my experience with my potty princess, she do go outside 99% of the time now, she does still have the occasional accident in the house, few and far btwn though, and if I take her we went on vacation for a week and she came, we rented a cabin....she didn't have a single accident, she doesn't at my moms, or anywhere else I've taken her.....I made it OK for her to go potty in the house my house by using those stupid pee pee pads, but she knows at others homes it's not she knows she can't just potty in houses she just thought our home was a potty for her because of those pads. So ultimately it's our own fault

Good luck!
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