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RE: Im in co if anyone needs help im a pro

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oh man i am really anxious to move there!.. its just the waiting now but thats ok. I want to soak in all the info I can get like a sponge! Thanks for your input! we don't have any king soopers around here or a dollar general. I have seen a lot of posts on deals from dollar general.. we don't have those around here either. I saw that someone had posted a newspaper delivery deal on here for about 12$ a month for the papers at 1 dollar each?? i think.. i was looking for that post but lost it somewheres in this thread. . Is that for the Denver post?

Yep Walgreens is one of the worst here too when it comes to shelf clearing ..FAST. I don't even bother going anymore! I will usually try to PM at walmart if there is a really good deal I wanted from Walgreens. Glad to hear about the papers and inserts. It was on our local news how the rise in peoples newspapers being stolen and there have been a few times i have paid for a newspaper in the machine thingy to find yes papers but no inserts so sad.
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