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RE: Im in co if anyone needs help im a pro

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Hello all!! I am in Washington right now but will be moving to the colorado springs area in a lil over a year. I know thats some time away still but I really want to get to know some people before I move there! as well as the ins and outs and the good stores to go to.. and what papers to buy etc etc. I have lived in WA my whole life so kind of excited for something new.
I live on a military base right now, JBLM and I see mass amounts of couponers daily with binders, like at least 5 or more each time I visit. There is so many of us now that pretty much no one pays attention to anyone and its more of a competition these days unfortunately. Shelves are always cleared within hours or a day or a new deal. The papers are getting stolen, the inserts are being taken out of the papers and many places that used to not have limits on papers.. do now and no store doubles here except for albertsons a few days a month. So basically others are making it hard for us that are honest and going about couponing respectfully in my part of the world. So its kind of more cut throat if you will in my current area. Cost of living is high and no one has any jobs. Tough times. Everyone is looking for the deals, freebies, cheap and overage is actually pretty tough to get unless you go to walmart but I don't live close to one myself.

Anyways i will stop rambling now.. just wanted to say hi and let you know i am excited to be in your neck of the woods ...soon.
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