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Clarification on Gain offer

Gain- my laundry detergent of choice- is on sale this week for 4.99 for 32oz, and the ad lists an offer where you get 3OYNO wyb 1 detergent and 2 other Gain products. I also have the 1/1 Qs which I planned to use and get 3 detergents for 2.99 each oop.... not great but the best price I have found Gain so far!

Just wanted to check though, I now see from a post on the Vons thread that there is a CAT for 3OYNO wyb 3 just like is listed in the Albertsons ad... will I get both back when I do this deal, or is the deal listed in the ad actually the catalina deal? I'm wondering as the post on the Von's forum says the cat doesn't start until 8/19 (though I can't see that on the couponnetwork site, though it won't let me print it to get all the details...)

If I will get both that's 1.99 each or 0.06 per load!!! That would be a stock up price for me

Probably too good to be true, but it has happened recently with the Nature Valley bars where you got an Alb OYNO and a Cat for buying 4...



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