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RE: Help with gluten free diet!!

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I started a gluten-free, dairy-free eating plan June 5th... I've learned so much in this short time, but there's so much more to learn.
There are lots of blogs and websites out there, so it is going to take time for you to check them out and decide which ones are your favorites. I LOVE Jules Shephard's Gluten Free Flour - she has a great blog and is on Facebook. I love her book "Free For All" - great, every day recipes using ingredients that are easy to find. You can use her flour as a cup-for-cup replacement in your regular recipes!
You should also check out the book "1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes" by Carol Fenster.
Another resource is "Living Without" - magazine and Facebook page.

Since I am an avid couponer, the money I'm spending on groceries now is quite a shock - but I'm still using coupons. A very helpful resource is Healthy Life Deals - she has a list of IPs for organic, which has lots of GF items.

Hope this helps! BTW - Spelt is NOT gluten-free..
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