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RE: Any stores in CO do double coupons?

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The only stores that I know of that double coupons are Safeway and King soopers but they only double up to $1.oo but they double all the time but King soopers does have a limit like the Kings soopers that I shop at I can only use 3 like coupons so if I have 5 of that item and 5 coupons for it then they will only take 3 of them. The Safeway that I shop does not have a limit as long as I have that many items for that many coupons. Albertsons right now and it is said in their ad that they are Doubleing up to $1.00 and tripleing coupons that are .33 cents. Those are the only store I know of. I am not sure if stores here in CO have "true" doubling days as far as if a coupon says $1.00 of then the store doubles it to make it $2.00 off. Hope that makes sense LOL
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