TLC Extreme Couponing Show “Joni and Angelique” June 8, 2011

Posted 06-8-2011 at 09:05 PM by Rasha

Joni Meyer-Crothers of Ohio shops for her family of nine and aims for free as often as possible. Going through a divorce caused hard times financially for her and her kids. She turned to couponing to better provide.

She has a $20,000 stockpile that fills multiple rooms. She supplies her adult kids and allows them to shop her stockpile free of charge. She says she has maybe five pair of shoes but gets really excited about soap. You can never have enough soap.

She has donated over $100,000 of food to local food bank. On the show’s shopping trip she bought over 400 boxes of cat food for a local pet shelter, all for free after coupons.

How Does Joni Coupon?

She buys a Sunday paper, but uses clipping services to order the good coupons in bulk. She had 2,250 coupons for the show’s trip. She shops for 7 hours to complete this one shopping trip!

Eight separate transactions

Total Grocery Bill: $3159.30

After Coupons: $45.73

Angelique Campbell of Washington state near Seattle is a full time gymnastic coach and has a family of five. She has been couponing for 2 years and had a $15,000 stockpile.

She depends on couponing blogs and websites to figure out the best deals and plans her shopping trips accordingly.

On the show, her shopping trip includes her coupon pile that weighs 1 pound 2 ounces. She uses grocery store bonuses such as getting a free $25 gift card for prescription transfer to pay for items like fresh produce (which rarely have coupons).

Her grocery store has an in-store day-care with playground. Sweet! Does anyone know what grocery store that is?

The store insists she separate her transactions which throws her for a loop, but she gets it organized and together.

Her grocery store allows overage (when your coupon value exceeds the price of the item purchased) and will pay it back to you in the form of a store gift card if you total bill dips in the negative.

Three separate transactions

Total Grocery Bill: $2123.56

After Coupons: -$57.51

That’s right. Angelique was paid to shop! She bought over $2,000 of groceries but walked away with a $57 gift card instead of owing anything out of pocket.


I would like to remind everyone that Extreme Couponing is a lot of work. While the TLC show has recently not been mentioning how much time each couponer puts into their monumental savings, earlier episodes made it clear that it requires 30 – 60 hours a week to acheive this level of Extreme Couponing.

If you are new to couponing check out Where Do You Begin? A Quick Intro To Couponing.

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16 Responses to “TLC Extreme Couponing Show “Joni and Angelique” June 8, 2011”

  1. akastephens on June 8th, 2011 9:15 pm

    If I had to guess the store Angelique used with the playplace, I would guess Fred Meyer. When we lived in Alaska, it was heaven sent for my then 3 yo.

  2. mysterysinc on June 8th, 2011 9:24 pm

    I didn’t see the show, but this annoys me…a lot. I have never ever been in a store that would allow 400 of the same coupon. My store stopped my last night from using more than 2 $1.50 coupons on a $7.99 product.

    Has anyone been to a store that will allow that many coupons for the same thing?

  3. 1749 on June 8th, 2011 10:40 pm

    No, never! I do believe that she shopped at a Kroger. This show is very annoying. I tried to use two $.50 cents coupons on two of the same product at Wal-Mart yesterday and was told I could not do that. Only one coupon per my whole purchase. Whoever heard of all this?

  4. Kathryn on June 8th, 2011 10:50 pm

    Did you see when Angelique was going through the register before the commercial break (upset about having to split her order into 2 transactions)? Those sure looks like she was using a stack of PHOTOCOPIED internet printable coupons! Another episode of Extreme Couponing, same coupon fraud.

  5. jcpettis on June 8th, 2011 10:54 pm

    The store is fred meyer. And im sure she didn’t use more than one coupon on one product unless it was a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon.
    Good luck all…
    God Bless

  6. CouponUser101 on June 9th, 2011 12:06 am

    Congratulations on your extreme shopping trip. It is nice that your store will pay you back in gift cards for overage.

  7. tammiw516 on June 9th, 2011 9:02 am

    Evidently the store will do it if they know they will be on TV. No stores in my area would come anywhere close to that kind of transactions. I don’t watch the show because it’s not reality.
    I have friends starting to coupon because they have been watching that and it takes me forever to explain to them how couponing REALLY works.

  8. Rasha on June 9th, 2011 9:58 am

    @Kathryn – Just because they are black and white doesn’t mean they are photocopied. Most stores will accept IPs in black and white as long as EACH one has a unique code. Even if the official bar codes are the same every IP has another little box on it where each one will have a unique code.

  9. momnguitarman on June 9th, 2011 12:33 pm

    I have a problem with this show because I think it encourages people to clean the shelves. The only store in my town that doubles coupons is Harris teeter and I cannot get any really good deals because the store is always out of the products. I have spoken with the store mgr about this and he just shrugged and said that people would be in just after midnight and wipe the shelves. I have a special needs daughter and can only go to the store when she has a nurse. I don’t use coupons for the “thrill” or the “hunt”. I use them because for us it is the only way to eat decently.

  10. sovina777 on June 9th, 2011 1:37 pm

    Mystreysinc you can’t use 2 coupons on the same item unless one is a store coupon and the other a manufacture coupon … learn the difference so it won’t happen to you again..
    1749 you were lied to and you should have consulted a manager and shown them their weekly ads..
    I know these things happen, I myself ,caught the cashier throwing away my coupons… he said they didnt scan …I had him call a manager over and we all learned something new including other customer around me… Gas prices being so high I feel no shame saving as much as I can …

  11. simplylivingsaving on June 9th, 2011 2:58 pm

    I will say that honestly…I am proud of these woman. I would love to be able to open up my pantry for my family and friends and help them out when they need it. I would also love to be able to not have to pay for groceries or toiletries when we have more kids so we can use that money to go on family vacations or things like that.

    I know this is not for everyone and I have not run into a problem with shelves being cleared and if they are…I just ask for a raincheck. I do not like the extreme couponers that hoard what they have gotten but when you give so much to friends, family and other organizations in need it is a huge blessing.

  12. libbydr on June 9th, 2011 4:10 pm

    It was Fred Meyers, it said she lives in Lynnwood and I live in Everett the town next door so I recognized the store. My daughter wants gymnastics lessons too I wonder which place she teaches at hmmm.

  13. aimee on June 9th, 2011 11:21 pm

    If you read Angelique’s reply to the Extreme Couponing facebook post, her overage was not from coupons but actually from transferred prescriptions!

  14. 1749 on June 10th, 2011 12:42 am

    @sovina777. Well here is the kicker. The manager came over and she told me that I could only use one coupon. I had two carefree products and had two $.50 cents coupons. I was told only one coupon could be used and that she could finish this transaction and then I could do another one. I told her I did not need it bad enough to do all that and she agreed that it is a dumb policy change but that is what they had to follow for now.

  15. darkbattle on June 10th, 2011 10:18 am

    I think it’s always nice when someone donates to others in need. The show does seems a bit fake at times however I do believe that some of the couponers are honest.

  16. geri1960 on June 14th, 2011 4:18 pm

    I lived near Seattle and it looks to me like she shopped at Fred Meyer in the Totem Lake area. Fred Meyer is now part of the Kroger group, so that’s why it seemed familiar to those that shop at Kroger. Our Kroger stores (King Soopers) will only allow 3 like items using a coupon. For example, if you purchase Cheerios, you can only buy 3 boxes with a coupon…they will not except a 4th coupon for the 4th box. So, even if you did all the work, ordered the coupons, you would have to group items in 3′s….so buying 150 bottles of vitamin water would be 50 transactions….

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