TLC Extreme Couponing Show “Amber & Amanda” May 25, 2011

Posted 05-25-2011 at 09:00 PM by Rasha

Amber Flores

Amber Flores of Arizona feeds her family of six on just $50 a week. Amber is 30 years old, a full time Hospice Nurse, and the household bread winner (husband is a stay-at-home dad).

Amber has been couponing only 3 months!!! Talk about a fast learner. She attributed her quick success to diligently studying couponing websites. She now has 6 freezers full of food, shelves upon shelves of items, and overall a $30,000 stockpile.

For her Extreme Couponing shopping trip, she scored a great promotion at her local grocery store, all coupons cashed in at $1 each. Also, buy 10 items featured save $5.

Amber and her family purchase 5 carts and a full pallet of grocery items.

Total: $2,756.94

Total After Store Loyalty Card: $1512.80

Total Paid AFTER Coupons: $187.69

Learning to Extreme Couponing like Amber in just 3 months is incredibly fast! However, it can be done. If you’re new to couponing get started at Couponing 101 and AFC 101 then take it from there. You can do this!

Amanda Ostrowski

Amanda Ostrowski

In Ohio, Amanda attempts to out-do her previous “Extreme Couponing” record haul.

This time, she’s out to impress Grandma too. First Grandma admires the toilet paper room. ;) Then Amanda helps her to learn how to coupon and together they plan to stretch her very limited budget.

500 coupons ready to go!

This time she’s doing multiple transactions (check-outs) so she won’t crash the register. However, doing 8 separate check-outs is a lot to keep track of. It works, but turns out stressful.

Total: $1958.9

Total Paid AFTER Coupons: $19.62

A Full Cup