Summer Rebate Deals

Posted 06-29-2011 at 10:24 AM by jbonow1231
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Two popular items for the hotter months – bottled drinks and cold cereal have mail in rebates available, that could help you get savings or even a slight money maker on some items (depending on sales available in your local area.)

Kellogg’s $10 Gas Card Rebate

Kellogg’s is offering a rebate that requires NO receipt. :) Thus, if you do multiple transactions for doubles, make smaller shopping trips, or simply want to raid your stockpile for UPCs, you can still get in on this great deal. You simply need to mail in 10 UPCs for participating cereal products with the printable form, and you can do this 5 times per household. However, you do need to mail each set of forms/UPCs in separate envelopes.

Please make sure to print off the form and bring it with you, as certain more popular Kellogg’s cereals are not included on this list. (AKA – I’m looking at you, Frosted Flakes.) If your family will well tolerate it, I would suggest choosing mostly Rice Krispies for this deal, as Rice Krispies will also give you the added bonus of codes for movies. :)

For full details, and to print the form, please see:

As always, combining this with in store sales and manufacturer coupons will give you the best deal to give you the most of your rebate. You can print IPs for various Kellogg’s products if you sign up for: Kellogg’s Promotions .  Please also make sure to see the AFC Forums and AFC Coupon Database to see which store sales and other coupons might best be applicable to you.

Snapple Rebate – Hurry Ends – 6/30!

If you are stocking up on bottled drinks for your picnic or cook out this weekend, consider getting a 6-pk case of Snapple. You can use the 4/3 RP Q for $1/1 that expires 6/30 -and- submit for a full rebate, up to $6.99. :)

You -will- need your receipt for this MIR, as well as the UPC from the package. You can submit one per person in your household, up to 5 per envelope. 6/30 is the last day to make purchases that will count, postmarked by 7/11.

There was an original form for this deal, that was available as a tearpad in certain stores, however, if you do not have it – fear not!  You can submit the following information on an index card and mail it in, in lieu of the official form:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Flavor purchased (must match the UPC)
  • Price paid
  • Store name
  • Phone number (optional)


Please mail the index card, UPC, and your receipt to:

Snapple 6 Pack Rebate Offer
PO Box 40896
Houston, TX. 77240




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