Extreme Couponing – How Do They Do It? AFullCup Shows You How!

Posted 04-3-2011 at 07:00 AM by Rasha

So you watched “Extreme Couponing” on TLC and are now seeing the advertisements for the season premiere where more extreme couponers rake in the savings all thanks to coupons. You’re thinking to yourself, “How do you they do that?” What brought you here to AFullCup.com is that you smartly thought, “I want to do that!”

Save Money With Coupons

Even if you don’t want to be an “extreme couponer,” using coupons can easily save you hundreds off your grocery bills. Clipping coupons is no longer just a frugal hobby. Using coupons means surviving the recession and overcoming these hard times. Take pride in saving money. Learn to use coupons more effectively and you’re on way to major savings.

First of all, extreme couponing isn’t for everyone, so it’s okay to be a “casual couponer” or somewhere in between. After all it takes a lot of time and money to be “extreme.” That’s right, it’s not free to be a couponer (buying newspapers, printing internet manufacturer coupons, using clipping services, etc.). When you see someone getting groceries or health and beauty products for free with coupons, remember it’s not exactly 100% free when you calculate what it cost to obtain the coupons. However, the savings are still well worth it when you do the real math, but don’t expect to start couponing and never spend money again.

How Do They Find the Deals?

As you saw in the show, extreme couponers use couponing forums like AFullCup to not only post about deals they find, but also to help them find deals since there are over half million members on AFC looking for and sharing deals. AFC members (including some extreme couponers) match up sales with coupons and post their shopping strategies here, hence why here you’ll find the best deals. Extreme couponers use this information to plan their shopping trips. Knowing the sales and the best coupons they stock up on the coupons needed in order to get the most groceries for as little money as possible.

You Can Do It Too!

Here’s what AFC members just like you have done with coupon shopping.

Prissypoo spent $.66 out of pocket at Walmart on what you see here.

Check out Walmart deals in the Walmart Forum.

Wanha07 scored big at CVS spending only $1.70.

Purchased: 3 Kellogg’s Cereal Cup $1 each x 3 = $3
1 Gaterate drink $1.99
1 Gain Dish Soap $1.37
2 Dove Deodorant $4/2
1 Revlon Nail Polish $3.99

3 $1 off CVS Printable coupon from red machine
1 $2 off CVS coupon
1 $1 off Gain coupon
2 $2 off Dove deodorant IP
1 $3.29 Extra Care Bucks

Total paid including tax = $1.06 + $0.64 = $1.70
Got back a $3 Extra Care Bucks

Find deals like these in the Drug Store Forums

How would you like a whole cart full of groceries for just $12.35?

Mommabailey saved $128.84 at Kroger!!!

Check out the Grocery Store Forums to find deals at your local grocery store.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Start HERE and have fun with your extreme savings. :)


One Response to “Extreme Couponing – How Do They Do It? AFullCup Shows You How!”

  1. Linda on April 3rd, 2011 4:08 pm

    Here were I live due to fakes, they no longer accept internet coupons at stores. However here in chicago we have a free paper called the Red eye(free newspaper)which is distributed to chicago residents for free and on weekends does contain the sunday coupons. We get them delivered to our building, no cost to us for the papers….so what we get with coupons we get it totally free! I get 12-20 papers every week and does not cost me a dime for the coupons. They also have set up free paper boxes around the city for residents. So for chicago residents even those who cannot afford a sunday paper can get tons of coupons at no cost.

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