Stores Advised by CIC to NOT Participate with TLC Show Extreme Couponing

Posted 05-29-2012 at 05:07 PM by Rasha

The Coupon Information Center (CIC) in anticipation of the return of the TLC show “Extreme Couponing” had posted a retailer alert in regards to participation on the show.

The CIC advises retailers that they should exercise caution when considering participation with the show ‘Extreme Couponing,’ including allowing filming at retail sites.”

“Some of the “guests” on the show, including at least one minor, have used counterfeit coupons and engaged in other practices in violation of State or Federal laws, manufacturers’ coupon redemption policies, and/or retailers’ coupon acceptance policies. Retailers may not be reimbursed for counterfeit coupons received from the show’s participants.”

“Some consumers have reportedly filed complaints against the show with the Federal Communications Commission… The CIC has previously contacted The Discovery Channel to express these and related concerns. As of this date, The Discovery Channel, to our knowledge, has not taken any action to remedy the situation.”

“In summary, ‘Extreme Couponing’ exposes its retail participants to potential legal issues and counterfeit coupons, which may not be reimbursed, as well as potential adverse publicity.”

You All Were Right

To everyone that has complained about the show, we just want to say, “You were right.” Even the CIC recognizes the major issues with “Extreme Couponing.” And since they’ve not been able to stop TLC, they took their warnings to the stores. Though clearly they didn’t all listen considering the new season has aired.

Speak Out

Speaking of stopping TLC, on Facebook we asked today, “‘LIKE’  if you did NOT watch Extreme Couponing last night!” and received 200+ responses. Thanks for responding!

(Thanks Brandie for bringing this to our attention!)

A Full Cup

Extreme Couponing is Back with More Couponing Men!

Posted 05-28-2012 at 01:12 PM by Rasha

TLC is at it again. The 3rd Season premieres tonight Monday, May 28th at 10pm ET/PT. Looks like they’re kicking off the season with a couple of couponers that certainly don’t fit the little old granny couponing stereotype.

First up, Dominique, a college kid couponing to throw a frat party.

Then Jeff, who comes from a long line of male couponers looking to prove himself to his family as an extreme couponer.

This brings up a good point. While there is no doubt the majority of avid couponers are women, there are indeed couponing men as well! Even here on AFullCup we have quite a few male members making the most of our couponing community. All are welcome here. :) Not that there ever was a doubt about that. ;)

Extreme Couponing, Losing Steam?

Posted 05-21-2012 at 05:58 PM by Rasha

There may be some economists claiming the recession is over, but in most households evidence points to the contrary. The Extreme Couponing “Fad” isn’t a mere trend, it’s a lifestyle change. For some, it has meant survival in these tough financial times.

While many jumped on the Extreme Couponing bandwagon thanks to the TLC show, here on AFC we knew the thrill of couponing well before then. And when couponing hit the big time, we were there for that too. Then when stores began to tighten their reign over couponing policies we’ve been up to date to keep members informed. Now with the move to more internet printable coupons (IP) and mobile coupons (including digital and ecoupons) we’re keeping up with the times. Though we’ve not forgotten tried and true newspaper clipping coupons either.

Is Extreme Couponing losing steam? For those participating in the fad, yes. Burn out happens quickly when you have unrealistic expectations. But for those couponing to save money and make more out what they have, they’re in it for long run!

Here on A Full Cup we are quickly approaching 1 million members.

Thanks to each and every one of you, we’re all helping each other to save money, improve lives, and never pay full-price again!

Thank you! Here’s to more couponing (whether extreme, just beginning, or in between)!

Hanes Socks Help Hampton Roads Holiday

Posted 12-22-2011 at 04:05 PM by Rasha

If you hadn’t noticed, AFullCup has a member on the Hanes Comfort Crew! In the spirit of the Hanes Virtual Sock Drive (which has been completed, thank you to everyone who participated!), Hanes also provided socks to local charitable causes for their Hanes Comfort Crew members.

I received 200 Pairs of Hanes Socks (Men, Women, Boys, & Girls)

A local church in Hampton Roads is hosting their 3rd Annual Stocking Drive.

Socks for stockings, right? ;) Seemed like the perfect “fit” for this donation.

The goal for this year: 850 stockings. 750 for kids, 50 for women, and 50 for men distributed locally to those in need (TWICE as much as last year). Whether homeless, unemployed, under-employed, financially challenged due to unforseen circumstances, or what have you, as long as there’s a need for some Christmas cheer in the form of a thoughtful and useful gift, that’s the purpose of these stockings. The stockings will be handed out in Hampton Roads communities Friday, December 23rd.

We stuffed stockings this week. As you can see, the 200 pairs of Hanes socks nicely complemented the massive donations from the local church members.


Assembling the stockings brought on the Christmas spirit while we worked together as a team.

The goal was to put together 850 stockings, but the goal was exceeded! We ran out of stockings and started using hats, cups, and even tying together gift items with ribbon to create more “stockings” to hand out. I would easily estimate we ended up with 1,000+ gift packages / stockings!

Thank you again, Hanes, for your generous contribution to this wonderful cause! There will be 200 people kept more comfortable this Christmas thanks to those socks.

Not Extreme, Just Smart Couponing Stories (& Contest Winners!)

Posted 10-17-2011 at 12:24 PM by Rasha

Our “Not Extreme, Just Smart Couponing” contest is in full swing. Week 2 of the challenge is complete, though there are still 2 more weeks where you can participate and win prizes! (We’re giving away $400 in gift cards and 16 Supporting Member memberships on AFullCup!)

Last week, we asked you all to share your positive couponing stories. The stories shared were inspiring, informative, and downright awesome! We selected 4 winners using (because with so many wonderful stories, choosing randomly was the only fair way to choose). Here are their stories:

Sharing Tips and Everyone Wins

msvidkiller13 “I remember when I got one of my first for free with couponing, it was when I went to Save-a-Lot and asked if they took coupons. The cashier was so nice I shared AFC and we talked for about a half hour. She shared with me how to fill out the survey from their store and when I went home I filled it out and week later I won a $100. WOW! :) I saw her a few weeks back and I told her about my filling out her survey and and won and she told me she goes on AFC all time. :) We All know that in reality AFC is real couponing not extreme.”

Coupon Fairy

Angelapio - “Yesterday I stopped at Roche Bros on my way home from work since they double up to 5 $1 coupons every Tuesday. I purchased over $25 worth of food and as the cashier was scanning my coupons and my total kept going down, the older gentleman in line started applauding. He told me that he was impressed that I was able to get so many items for so cheap and I shared with him that I always shop there on Tuesdays for the double coupons.

Also, if I am shopping and I come across coupons that expire on that day that I know I can’t use, I leave them on the shelf next to the product for someone else to find and hopefully use.”

Donating Thanks to Couponing

cricket11 – “I am actually getting ready to make my first donation using coupon items. I have a box filled with shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products, soap, etc for a local domestic violence shelter. It is awesome to be able to use coupons to get things for others.”

Inspired by AFullCup

tiptip82 – “First I want to say that everyone’s stories are so inspiring and awesome. I almost cried a few times reading through. Keep up the good work everyone and God bless you all! I’ve been building up a supply of extra things to take to the women’s shelter and the homeless shelter too. Recently, I’ve been helping my sister-in-law learn to coupon. She took an interest when she and her husband started going through hard times. Unfortunately, they live in a small town and the only grocery store in town does not double or anything like that. She drove 30 min to go to a Harris Teeter and she was amazed at how much money she saved. She couldn’t stop talking about it! I started buying an extra newspaper for her because their local paper doesn’t have any and when she buys the metropolitan paper there, it doesn’t include the coupons. You reap what you sow though. Last week my store manager brought me coupons from the last two weeks that she didn’t think she’d use!”

Not Extreme, Just Smart Couponing Tips

Posted 10-10-2011 at 10:48 AM by Rasha

Our “Not Extreme, Just Smart Couponing” contest is in full swing. Week 1 of the challenge is complete, though there are still 3 more weeks where you can participate and win prizes! (We’re giving away $400 in gift cards and 16 Supporting Member memberships on AFullCup!)

There were so many amazing couponing tips in the Week 1 Challenge. We selected 4 winners using Here are their fantastic tips:

 The 3-R’s of Smart Couponing

BlueMoon187 – “I follow the 3-R’s of Smart Couponing:

- Rule-following. I follow the rules set by the manufacturers and the stores. Always.

- Realistic. I know the limits of what my family needs and will use, and I don’t let chasing the deals take over my life or my home.

- Respectful. I respect others in the store and when trading. I try to be collaborative so that everyone can enjoy saving money.”


Expiration Date Anxiety

sarahboo1979 – “My # 1 tip would be don’t use a coupon just because it is getting ready to expire. If it is not a good deal let the coupon expire. More than likely another coupon for that same product will be re-released later. And the expired coupons you can send to the military families for them to still use when they can find a great deal for it.

Also check for local coupon exchanges in your area or consider starting one. We have a wonderful coupon exchange at our local library. There you can leave coupons you do not need, pick up coupons you can use and drop off expired coupons for them to ship all at one time to military families.”


Realistic Coupining for a Real Family

peak7263 – “I am very new to couponing. I am a well educated, computer savy, and former military female who is now a stay at home military spouse with two home schooled young children. I love saving money, but hate shopping. I have zero time in my schedule, not to mention no space in military housing to stockpile. Therefore, I needed to learn how to start couponing under real world conditions – not try to “extreme coupon”. I tried to learn on my own, but the sheer amount of information on the internet rendered it useless. Plus, most of the information is either not applicable in the average person’s life, or leads to dead end web sites. So I attended a local “workshop” where I learned two pieces of advice that became invaluable. First, don’t let the process overwhelm you. You need to learn what are considered to be realistic results, what you can really expect to save and how much time you can really expect to spend each week couponing – not what TV portrays. Pick no more than three stores at which to coupon until you master the basics and feel comfortable. Doing this one step simplified the process so that I was no longer overwhelmed and discouraged. Secondly, most of us do not have the space or desire to stockpile huge quantities. So I was told that when stockpiling an item, buy no more than what our family would use in a 6 month period. The reason for this is that most things go on sale in 3 to 6 month cycles. I had been getting so much information from so many sources. However, these two pieces of advice finally gave me that all important starting point.”


Use a System That Works for You

rose3trs – “I actually, do not use a binder for my Q’s. I tried, but found it too bulky and time consuming to use. I use an index card box, with the sections clearly labeled. The box fits nicely in the carriage seat and is much easier for me to use.”