Walmart Deals this Week

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Here are a few good deals you can currently get at Walmart, all for $1 and under. Hopefully you can get in on some of these deals in your area. Walmart prices do vary between stores and regions so always check the prices at your local store.

Remember, check out the Walmart forum here on AFC to find more deals.


Reach Dental Floss .97
- Use $1/1 Reach Floss, Listerine, etc – 7/31 SS exp 12/31
= .03 overage each

Crave Cat Treats $1.47
- Use Free Crave Soft Treats for Cats – 9/18 RP exp 10/29
= free

U By Kotex Thin Liners 18ct $1.24
- Use $1/1 Any U by Kotex – Printable
= .24 each

Old el Paso Taco Seasoning Packets .78
- Use .50/1 Old El Paso Product – 9/18 SS exp 11/12
= .28 each

Benadryl Anti-Itch Sticks $2.28
– Use $2/1 Benadryl Topical Product, any – 6/19 RP exp 12/31
= .28 each

Combat Ant Traps $2.28
– Use $2/1 Any Combat Ant/Roach Bait and Gels – Printable
= .28 each

Morton Season-All 80z .96
- Use .55/1 Season-All – 9/25 SS exp 12/31
= .41 each

Nexcare Band-aids $1.00
– Use .55/1 Nexcare Products, any – 6/5 SS exp 10/31
= .45 each

Extra Gum Dessert Delights .96
- Use $1/2 Extra Gum, any 15-stick packs – 9/25 SS exp 12/31
= .46 each wyb 2

Tide Trial Size .97
- Use .50/1 Tide Detergent (no size restriction) – 9/25 RP exp 10/31
= .47 each

Revlon 24ct Emery Boards $1.50
- Use $1/1 Revlon Beauty Tool – 9/25 SS exp 11/30
= .50 each

Vlasic Sweet Relish 10 oz. jar $1.10 each
- Use $1/2 Vlassic Product – hangtag, tearpad, blinkies
= .60 each wyb 2

A Full Cup

Extremely Unrealistic Expections – Let’s Get Real About Extreme Couponing

Posted 09-26-2011 at 03:13 PM by Rasha

Here we go again. The TLC show Extreme Couponing returns to TV the end of September. While we certainly love shopping with coupons, there’s no doubt this show has caused unrealistic expectations, especially among new couponers.

Let’s Get Real

Couponing WILL save you money. But Extreme Couponing is not the best way to do it. Truth be told spending hours loading up a cart, keeping track of hundreds of coupons, and overwhelming cashiers is likely to just lead to a lot of hassle and ugly looks.

Start Small, Then Keep It Real

If you’re new to couponing, start small with just a few coupons and a few deals so you’re certain to get them right. Then once you get the hang of it, sure get more deals, but let’s keep it real. Who really needs more than 1 grocery cart per shopping trip? (Unless you have 10 kids, then we totally understand.)

Don’t Expect Couponing to Always Mean Free Stuff

Yes, we all like free deals, but you can’t live off of them. All couponers DO pay money for groceries, the TLC show Extreme Couponing just likes to focus on the freebie deals. You can’t expect using coupons to always mean you’ll get things for free. Hello, saving 25% or 50% off is plenty of success!

What You Don’t See on TV

Keep in mind they only show on TV these shopper’s most extreme shopping trips, you don’t see that next week they’re back at the store buying milk, eggs, bread, meat, and produce and spending *gasp* almost full price!

Extreme Couponing is Extreme Work

The people you see on Extreme Couponing spend 30 to 60 hours per week on couponing. Do you have that kind of time to devote to couponing? If you don’t put in the effort you can’t expect the same rewards. It’s called extreme for a reason.

The Point of Couponing – To Cut You Grocery Bill

The truth is anyone can use coupons to reduce their grocery bill. You don’t have to be extreme to save money. So be smart, shop with coupons and seek out the best deals, but keep it real by expecting to save some money, rather than expecting to never pay for groceries again.

Not knowing the rules of couponing and misinterpreting the shopping tactics on Extreme Couponing has caused plenty of problems. No wonder couponers are complaining about the show. When people misuse coupons they affect all couponers. Now, let’s get the facts on the myths new couponers take away from the Extreme Couponing show.

Extreme Couponing Myths & Facts

Myth: I can use multiple coupons for the same item.

Fact: You are allowed to use 1 manufacturer coupon per item. Some stores will allow you to use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon per item.

Myth: I can use all the coupons I want.

Fact: Some stores have limits. For example, at Walmart you are only allowed to use 40 coupons per transaction/shopping trip. Using more will require a manager’s approval.

Myth: I can use as many identical coupons as I want.

Fact: So you have a stack of coupons all for the same product, for the same amount off, they’re all the same coupon offer. Be aware that some stores limit how many “like” or “identical” coupons they will accept in one transaction. Also, some coupons now have limits written in their fine print, for example, P&G coupons now say, “Limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip.”

Myth: I can print as many coupons as I want.

Fact: When you print internet printable coupons you have to download a little piece of software often called a “Coupon Printer” before you can get the coupon. This software tracks your printing (just your coupon printing, nothing else). Coupons are limited to 2 per computer.

Also, you can NOT make copies of internet printable coupons. Each one has a unique code. If you try to make copies of your coupons you are committing serious coupon fraud and could face legal punishment. Just don’t do it.

Myth: I can use my coupon on anything made by the brand listed.

Fact: Read the wording. If it says the coupon is for ANY product of that brand, then yes, you can use it that way. If it says a particular type or size then you can only use the coupon on those listed items. If it mentions items excluded, then you cannot use it on any of those items.

Myth: All stores work the same.

Fact: ALWAYS learn each store’s coupon policy before beginning to shop with coupons. They do vary and you must stick to the rules if you want to save money with coupons. Check the forum on AFullCup for your store to find coupon policy info.

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CVS Deals 9/25 – 10/1

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There are some really great deals this week at CVS!

Thermacare Lower Back and Hip heat wrap 1ct. $3.79 Get $3.79 ECB Limit 1
- $4/2 any Thermacare or Advil (CVS Advil Brochure)
Free after ECB!

Excedrin Extra Strength, PM or Migraine 8ct. $0.99 Get $0.99 ECB Limit 2
Free after ECB!

Bausch & Lomb Re-Nu sensitive 12oz $8.99 Get $7 ECB Limit 1
-$2/1 ReNu Fresh or Sensitive (Printable)
Free after coupon & ECB!

Colgate Total toothpaste 5.8-6oz or Optic White 4oz $2.99 Get $1 ECB Limit 2
- $1.50/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste (9/11 SS)
$0.50 each after coupon & ECB!

Softsoap body wash 15-18 oz, bar soap 4 pk., liquid or foaming hand soap 8-8.5 oz 2/$6 Get $4 ECB wyb 2 Limit 1
- $1/2 Softsoap Brand Body Wash or Bar Soap (8/28 SS)
- $1/2 Softsoap Brand Body Wash or Bar Soap (Sep All You)
- $0.70/1 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap (Printable)
$1 for 2 Body Wash after coupon & ECB!
$0.60 for 2 Hand Soap after coupons & ECB!

Schick Quattro for Women razor 1ct. or cartridges 4ct. $8.99 Get $4 ECB Limit 1
- $5/1 Schick Quattro Razor (Printable) No longer available
- $2/1 Quattro for Women razor (9/25 SS)
- $4/1 Quattro for Women refill (9/25 SS)
FREE Razor after coupon & ECB!
$1 for refill after coupon & ECB!

Special thanks to Robbo for this great list. And don’t forget to visit the CVS Forum to see all the deals with coupon match-ups.

Rite Aid Deals 9/25 – 10/1

Posted 09-23-2011 at 05:25 PM by nomadicpixie

This week is an average week at Rite Aid with a few nice deals. There are a couple of items you can roll your large Ups on and some free toothpaste. Also, you can get a few items for cheap that may make a trip into the store worth it. Make sure to shop before October 1st as several deals involve coupons that expire 9/30.

Coupon Policy
For the very latest Rite Aid coupon policy please go to Coupon Policy. I would encourage you to print a copy to take with you to the store. Remember, new rules include only allowed one coupon on BOGO items, and only allowed four like coupons per transaction.
Video Values
Video Values are Rite Aid store coupons you can earn from watching videos each month. For further details and to watch the videos go to Video Values
Single Check Rebates
Single Check Rebates (SCRs) are a refund program offered by Rite Aid. After you complete a purchase you enter the receipt information online and get a check in the mail for the SCR refund amount. For more details go to Single Check Rebates

Remember there can be some regional variations to the Rite Aid deals. Make sure to check your ad to ensure the sales are included in your area.
Crest Pro-Health Clean Mint or Oral-B 3D White Vivid $2.69
Earn $2.69 Up (limit 2)
- $1/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel Exc Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar MQ 8/28 PG (exp 9/30)
= $1.00 MM after coupon and Up
Similasan computer eye drops .5 oz and dry eye relief 10 ml $6.99
- Earn $6.00 Up (limit 1)
- $1.75/1 Similasan Product MQ 9/11 SS
= .76 MM after coupon and Up
Gum PerioBalance $24.99
- Earn $20.00 Up (limit 1)
- $5/1 Gum PerioBalance Printable MQ
= free after coupon and Up

or (you only get one Up between the two)

Doctor’s Night Guard $24.99
- Earn $20.00 Up (limit 1)
- $5/1 Doctor’s Night Guard Printable MQ
= free after coupon and Up
Colgate Optic White Toothbrush or Toothpaste $3.99
- Earn $2.00 Up (limit 4)
- $1.50/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste MQ 9/11 SS
= .49 after coupon and Up
Gain Dishwashing Liquid .99
- .50/1 Gain Dishwashing Liquid MQ 8/14 RP (exp 9/30)
= .49 after coupon
Irish Spring Body Wash $2.99
- Earn $2.00 Up (limit 4)
- .50/1 Irish Spring Body Wash Printable MQ
= .49 after coupon and Up
SoftSoap Body Wash $2.99
- Earn $2.00 Up (limit 4)
- $1/2 SoftSoap Brand Body Wash or Bar Soap MQ 8/28 SS
= .49 each wyb 2 after coupon and Up
Mentos UP2U Gum .99
- $1/2 Mentos Gum UP2U MQ 9/11 SS
= .49 each wyb 2 after coupon
Combos Snacks $1.00
- $1/2 Combos Baked Snacks MQ 8/28 RP
= .50 each wyb 2 after coupon
Hershey’s or Mars snack or fun size candy 2/$5.00
- Earn $1.00 Up wyb 2 (limit 1)
- $1.50/2 Mars Chocolate Fun Size Packs MQ October All You Mag
= $1.25 each wyb 2 after coupon and Up
Herbal Essence and Aussie Products 2/$6.00
- Earn $2.00 Up wyb 2 (limit 1)
- $1/2 Herbal Essences or Aussie Products MQ 8/29 RP (exp 9/30)
= $1.50 each wyb 2 after coupon and Up
Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor $9.99
- Earn $3.00 Up (limit 2)
- $2/1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor MQ 8/28 PG (exp 9/30)
- $1/1 Gillette ProGlide, Fusion, or Venus Brand Razor Kit RA flu book Q
= $3.99 after coupons and Up

Saving Green When Going Green – 9/18 – 9/24

Posted 09-22-2011 at 11:22 AM by jbonow1231


Fall seems to see us returning to find good green deals again, so here’s this week’s offerings.


Hyland’s Homeopathic Childrens Cough Syrup -  $4.99 – Get $5 RR

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant, Mouthwash or Toothpaste – $3.99 – Get $2 RR

Use $1/1 Q from 9/18 SS to get this for .99 after RR. I’d go for the lavender Tom’s of Maine deodorant, its my personal favorite – I love that it doesn’t leave marks on dark clothes.


If you don’t have a Walgreens nearby or prefer Rite-Aid, Toms is also on sale there this week.

Tom’s Of Maine Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Deodorant or Bar Soap $3.99 – Get $1 UP

Use $1/1 Q from 9/18 SS to get this for $1.99 after UP.

JR Watkins products- $1.50

I’ve read about this deal in several places, but as Rite Aid is not in my local area, I sadly cannot confirm this one myself. The lavender scented products (lotions, body wash etc) are naturally scented according to the product website. 


Lipton %100 Natural Tea 20 oz -  B4G1 FREE @ $1 Each

Use two $1/2 9/11 SS Qs = .40 c each

If you still have the $1/1 7th Generation Target Qs, don’t forget to use those up. :)

If you combine it with the $1/1 insert Q expiring 10/31 you can get dish soap for around 69 c !



Target Matchups : 9/18 – 9/24

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As always, please don’t forget to check our AFC’s Target forum for more Target Deals. :)

Health and Beauty

Buy Crest Complete Toothpaste @ $2.99 and get a FREE Oral-B Toothbrush

Use two $2/1 Crest/Oral-B Qs from 9/11 SS – get both FREE. As Target does not officially allow overage in their coupon policy,  so that will be a YMMV.



Buy 3 Glade Fall Products – Get 1 FREE

There are many current Qs useable with this deal, so please take a peek at the AFC Coupon datebase to see which ones might work for you. :)

Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes or Clip N’ Catch  Clippers – $1.99

$1/1 Target Web Q  + $1/1 IP = FREE


Grocery Deals Under $1

Campbells Condensed Chicken Soup = .68 c each

Use .40/3 MF IP, .$1/5 MF IP, or 40c/4 from 9/11 SS for even better savings

Campbells SpaghettiO’s Original  – .68 c each

Use .50/5 MF IP, or .40/3 from 9/11 SS for even better savings

Better Crocker Fruit Snacks (4 ct, often found in $1 section)

Use the .50c/2 from 8/7 or 9/11 GM inserts for even better savings

Ore-Ida Easy Fries Golden Crinkles – 99c

Use the $1/3 Q from 8/21 SS = 66 c each

Hersheys Chocolate Bars – .79 each

Use Buy 1 Hersheys Bar Get 1 Air Delight Bar Free Q from 8/28 SS